School Handbook

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Morning Arrival

Please do not send or drop off your child before 8:10 am as there is no supervision until that time.

Starting at 8:10, students are to go to one of two locations:

  • Eating Breakfast?—Go to the cafeteria if eating breakfast at school (arrive @ 8:10 if eating breakfast at school)
  • Not Eating Breakfast?—Go to the gym for quiet Reading Club. (arrive by 8:25 if not eating breakfast at school)


Dismissal is at 3:05 pm. Supervision concludes at 3:15 pm. Please arrange to pick up your child on time

  • Teachers will walk their class to the busses and ensure students get on the correct bus.
  • Car/Parent pick up is at the front of the building.

Going Home Plans for Your Child

Due to the size of the building, and the distance that bus loading is from the car pick up area, the office will need to hold firm to the following procedures to ensure your child goes home the correct way.

1.  If your child is going home a different way email the *teacher and before 8:00 am of the day the plan is changed. *If the teacher has a sub, they won’t see the note. Please make sure that the front office knows about the plan.


2.  Call the office at 503-356-2010 prior to 2 pm (for emergencies only!).

If you call/notify us after 2 pm for non-emergency changes, staff will inform you that we are sending home your child their regular way.
  • Please do not call in daily/weekly to change your child’s going home plans.
  • Please do not come to pick up your child early (prior to 3:05 pm) for non-emergencies. Doing so significantly interrupts the instruction of the entire classroom of students.
  • Thank you for striving to schedule appointments after the instructional day is over.
  • Thank you for notifying the teacher and the office of scheduled appointments in advance.

Parking & Traffic Safety Reminders

We ask that all adults that are coming to our school speak with courtesy to all staff members reminding drivers of parking lot procedures. Safety comes before convenience, and we ask that ALL visitors to Hazeldale comply. Your cooperation with the following will assist our efforts to maintain a safe parking lot experience for all students, parents, and staff.

  • ALL car traffic enters the lot from the west entrance on Miller Hill Road
  • Please pull all the way forward past entrance doors and around the curve when dropping off or picking up your student (to the very end of the yellow curb).
  • All students riding in a private vehicle are to be picked up and dropped off at the front entrance of the school.
  • Please don’t leave your car unattended at the curb.
  • Please park in marked parking spaces only. We thank you for not inventing your own parking spaces. If you do not have a handicapped parking permit, please do not park in a handicapped parking space.
  • Busses only in the designated bus area at the back of the school off Marlin Road.
  • We encourage all students eligible to ride the bus to take advantage of this service.
  • An additional option for visiting parents is to use the parking lot at the church across Farmington Road from Hazeldale.
  • Please do not park on Marlin Drive or Miller Hill Road. You could be ticketed by Washington County.
  • For special evening events, when school is not in session, guest vehicles may parallel park in the bus drop off lanes and car drop off lanes (wherever it is not marked as a fire lane).

Thank you for following these requirements, and speaking in a courteous manner to our staff, as well as to one another, whenever on Hazeldale school grounds.


If your child is absent from school due to illness or emergency, please call our attendance line at 503-356- 2011.

Prearranged Absences

Regular school attendance is VERY important. Please attempt to schedule appointments and other activities outside of school hours. If it becomes necessary for students to be absent from school for reasons other than illness, please send a written parental excuse to the office in advance of the absence. Specific assignments will not be given in advance because of the nature of instruction and integrated classroom projects. Suggestions for activities will be provided for you and your child to participate in extending vacation activities for more in-depth learning experiences.


If you must pick up your child for an appointment, please come to the office and sign them out. If at all possible, do not take students out of school early. This can impact academic progress, as closure activities are often key to learning. Office staff will send for your student while you sign them out.



The staff at Hazeldale Elementary School believes that students’ social and emotional growth is important to their development and learning. We recognize that there are a number of protective factors that help children to be successful in both their educational pursuits and in their social development. While at school, children will interact with staff members and volunteers who encourage and foster the development of these factors and related skills.

Protective Factors

  • Building Self Esteem
  • Recognizing appropriate behavior: Safe, Responsible, and Respectful
  • Developing healthy attitudes
  • Creating a nurturing environment
  • Teaching anger management skills
  • Teaching stress management skills
  • Engaging in physical and recreational activity
  • Promoting conflict resolution
  • Making responsible decisions

Based on the rules and guidelines in the Student/Family Handbook (SFH), located on the District website (you may also request a paper copy from the office), Hazeldale’s behavioral management system, called Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is designed to support the healthy and continual growth and development of children. The plan promotes self-management and enables children to be successful in both educational and social environments. The foundation of this system is built on a team of parents, children, and staff members.

Hazeldale PBIS Philosophy

Hazeldale PBIS Philosophy

Positive Behavior Intervention Support System

Hazeldale is a school where everyone learns in a community of cooperation, safety, caring, and respect.

Belief Statement
  • We believe that a positive, preventative, predictable and effective school environment is the key to behavior support for our children.
  • We believe that a positive, preventative, predictable and effective school environment is healthier and more caring.
  • We believe that a positive, preventative, predictable and effective school environment enhances learning and teaching outcomes.
  • We believe that a positive, preventative, predictable and effective school environment is achievable and sustainable.
  • We believe that the entire learning community has an obligation for creating a safe, kind and responsible environment.
    • Children must strive to meet learning expectations in behavior and academics.
    • Families must help their children to understand the importance of learning and partner with school staff to help their child meet learning expectations.
    • Staff must provide quality instruction that inspires, teaches, motivates and challenges children to meet and exceed learning expectations.
Behavior Expectations

BE SAFE: Be free from harm of any kind (physical or emotional).

  • Keep hands, feet and objects to self.
  • Move safely.
  • Use equipment appropriately.
  • Report unidentified visitors.
  • Get adult help, if needed.

BE KIND: Be polite and cooperative with others.

  • Use appropriate voice level.
  • Use kind words and actions.
  • Be polite and helpful.
  • Respect others' space and property.
  • Be honest.
  • Use problem solving.

BE RESPONSIBLE: Be dependable and trustworthy at all times.

  • Follow directions.
  • Be prepared.
  • Be on time.
  • Keep your school clean.

PBIS Guiding Principles

The behavior support plan is based on an instructional model that teaches children empathy, impulse control, problem solving and anger management once a week by our School Counselor using the Second Steps Curriculum, Bully Proofing Curriculum, and the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports model. In addition, an all school assembly will be held monthly to support this instruction by introducing, implementing and encouraging the following life skills: responsibility, problem solving, pride, resourcefulness, curiosity, friendship, common sense, cooperation, caring, effort, perseverance, initiative, flexibility, patience, organization, sense of humor, courage and integrity.

Teaching Appropriate Behavior

In an effort to help all students meet or exceed social and behavioral standards, all staff will teach school-wide expectations throughout the year.

Encouraging Appropriate Behavior

A variety of structures are in place to help all staff encourage and praise children for appropriate social and behavioral actions. Appropriate behavior will be encouraged and reinforced in all school settings with specific praise, written and verbal, as well as monthly "Pride Paw" awards.

Discouraging Inappropriate Behavior

Inappropriate behavior is an opportunity to teach appropriate behavioral skills and to motivate children to behave in a mature and responsible manner. Consequences for inappropriate behavior will focus on correcting the behavior and will increase in severity based on the number of previous offenses and nature of the offense.


Teachers may take many steps to help children solve problems in a positive way and to behave appropriately in the school setting. In order to accomplish this goal, we need parental support and participation.

When a student’s behavior continues to cause academic or social problems in spite of initial teacher interventions, the following consequences may result:

  • verbal reminder by the teacher
  • recovery time in the classroom or another room with adult supervision
  • problem-solving conference with the student
  • statement of apology
  • loss of privileges such as recess
  • parent contact
  • visit to the Principal, Assistant Principal, or Principal’s Designee

When school administrators or the school administrative team become involved in a student behavioral concern, one or more of the following actions will be taken in accordance with the District’s Discipline Handbook:

  • conference with student
  • parent contact by phone
  • behavior contract established
  • office detention
  • loss of privilege
  • assignment of community service
  • suspension either in school or out of school
  • expulsion (only for very severe cases)

Bicycles, Roller Blades, Roller Shoes, Scooters and Skateboards

If your child rides a bike to school, please provide a sturdy lock and chain. The school is not responsible for bicycles that are stolen or damaged. Bicycles must be walked once on school grounds. Bicycles must be placed in the bike rack near the east doors of the school. Students are required to wear helmets.

Roller blades, roller shoes, scooters, and skateboards should not be used as a means of transportation to school. Classrooms do not have areas to safely store them during school hours. These items should be left at home.


We ask that food not be brought to school for the student’s birthdays, due to potential allergy issues. Instead, please consider donating a book to the classroom or school library in your child's name.

Birthday Party Invitations

Personal invitations distributed in any classroom will be allowed only if all students in the classroom receive an invitation. When students are left out, they feel disappointed and may be embarrassed or hurt. Please note; student phone and addresses are confidential and therefore cannot be shared with other families by school personnel.

Book Replacement Policy

We are thrilled when children check out books from our library. Students are responsible for the full replacement cost should s/he lose a Hazeldale book. If a lost book is later found, the student will be refunded in full. If a book is accidentally damaged, a fee of fifty percent of the replacement cost will be charged. Intentional damage to a book will result in full replacement cost.

Lost or damaged materials should be paid for before the end of the school year.

Bus Safety & Bus Behavioral Expectations

All guidelines and procedures outlined in this document and the Student Family Handbook apply to children riding the bus to and from school. Children who behave in a way that impedes the safety of others may be suspended from bus services. In cases where that happens, it is the parent/guardians’ responsibility to provide transportation to and from the school during the suspension.

All children are to get off the bus at the stop designated by transportation. A note written and signed by a parent or guardian is required to make any changes in pick up or drop off. A student merely telling a staff member is not sufficient.

Bus Rules

The District is responsible for children while on the bus, and our first concern is for the safe transportation of each student. Not follow­ing the posted instructions governing riding school buses may forfeit the student's privilege to ride District provided bus transportation and may result in additional disciplinary consequences. The safe transportation of our students is a responsibility the Beaverton School District takes very seriously.

Things To Do

Use the emergency door only in case of emergency

Be on time for the bus

Remain seated while the bus is in motion

Always cross in front of the bus when crossing the street

Use your regular voice to talk inside the bus

Keep the area around your seat clean

Be courteous to the driver and others on the bus

Things NOT To Do

Fight, wrestle, or participate in boisterous actions

Bring animals*, weapons or other hazardous materials on the bus

Extend hands, arms or legs through the windows

Shout or use vulgar language

Throw items out of the open bus windows

Cut, tear, or damage the seats

Eat or drink on the bus unless the driver gives permission


Important Things to Remember

  • Students & passengers are under the authority of the driver on the bus
  • Driver may assign seats at any time
  • Refusing to follow the driver's instructions could lead to expulsion from the bus
  • Balloons and glass containers are not allowed on the bus
  • For a complete list of riding ryles, please see OAR 581-053-0010

If there are bus schedule problems or specific issues with bus drivers, please call the district transportation office directly at 503.356.4200.

Bus Conduct Referral

Bus conduct referrals are designed to inform the parent and the principal of a need for help in solving a problem usually involving an action that jeopardizes the safety of other students. An administrator or someone from the administrative team will contact a parent a bus driver issues a referral.

Cell Phones & Electonics

We realize that, at times, cell phones are necessary for safety reasons. If this is the case for your family, the cell phone must be turned off and remain in the child's backpack while on school property, including buses. The school is NOT responsible for loss or damage of cell phones.

Two-way radios, all musical devices, digital and video cameras should remain at home as there is no secure place to store these items. If your child brings one of these items to school, they should be put away immediately upon arriving on school grounds (remain in backpacks), or an adult will take the item. Parents must pick up all confiscated items from the office.

Clothes Closet

The Beaverton School District sponsors the Clothes Closet that has clothing to distribute to any student who is in need.

If you have good, clean clothing you would like to donate, please take it in a closed bag or box either to the school office or directly to the Clothes Closet located at the Beaverton School District Administration Center, 16550 SW Merlo Road, Beaverton, OR 97006.

If your child needs clothing, contact the school office or the school counselor. A form will be provided which will allow you to obtain clothing from the Clothes Closet.



 In addition to this publication, you can expect the following communications from Hazeldale:

  • The Hazeldale Hawk, our school newsletter, is sent home on the 1st Wednesday of each month.
  • School Messenger Emails each Wednesday (Please make sure we have your current email address).
  • Yellow Wednesday Folders sent home each week in your child’s backpack
  • Newsletters (weekly or monthly) from your child's teacher, summarizing activities
  • Back-To-School Night in September
  • Report Cards three times per year
  • Parent, student, and teacher goal setting conferences in the Fall—updated collaboratively with you, your child, and your child’s teacher.
  • Conferences in the Spring—progress is reviewed and updated collaboratively with you, your child, and your child’s teacher.
  • Telephone contacts
  • Letters from teachers regarding specific field trips and classroom activities.

You can expect to receive a copy of the monthly newsletter, The Hazeldale Hawk, usually the first Wednesday of the month. It is our hope to save paper and energy by sending out the newsletter electronically each month, along with other flyers in the yellow Wednesday folders. Please be sure that your child’s teacher & the office have your most current email addresses. Please be sure to let your child’s teacher know if you need a paper copy of newsletters and flyers sent home from school.

Newsletters will also be posted to our school website.

The office greatly appreciates being kept current of any contact information also. Please be sure to update your child’s enrollment verification form with current phone numbers, email addresses, and emergency contact numbers.

Dressing for Success

Please refer to the District statement on student dress and grooming in the Student Family Handbook:

Dress or grooming, whether in school or out, is the responsibility of the student and his/her parent/guardian. When dress and grooming disrupts or directly interferes with the learning process for the individual student and/or other students, or endangers the health or safety of members of the school community, it may become necessary to take corrective action.

At Hazeldale, what is most important starts with empowering our students to think, to learn, and to care and to engage with power and agency in a changing world as per our Mission and Vision statement.

As such, questionable clothing choices are an opportunity to coach a child regarding what message they may be sending with what they choose to wear.

We do not want to get into a place with our students where we are measuring lengths of items with fingertips or rulers. Please note that our school has stairs, and students use them throughout the day. Sometimes, short clothing can be revealing on stairs, and staff and students need to avert their eyes. Please have conversations with your student(s) about what is and is not appropriate.

It is important that students wear coats and jackets when the weather is cold. All clothing should be clearly marked with permanent marker.

Religious head coverings are appropriate.

Dress for Active Learning

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Shoes for safe, active feet—remember, students have recess every day and PE each week!
  • Hats may be worn outside at recess only, or during special school spirit days.

Emergency Closures

Please do not call the school to obtain closure or delay information. 

It is important to keep our lines open for emergency communication.

All Portland area media outlets including TV stations, KATU (2), KOIN (6), KGW (8), KPTV (12), radio stations, and will broadcast information about emergency closures. Once snow routes are called in the morning, they will remain snow routes in the afternoon. This holds true even if weather and road conditions improve.

Parents can also check the Beaverton School District’s main webpage banner for the announcements or the Safety page for updates on weather or emergency closures.

Parents may also receive a phone, email, or text message through the BSD’s SchoolMessenger System.

Two-Hour Delay - Snow

When the District calls for a Two-hour Delay, Transportation will run the published Snow Routes with all buses delayed two hours in the morning for student pick up. For example, if your student’s stop time is 8:05 AM, the stop time for a 2-hour delay will be 10:05 AM. Afternoon stop times run as regularly scheduled for Snow Routes.

Field Trips

Field trips are an extension of the curriculum activities and are provided for the educational enrichment of qualifying students. Students are required to have a signed Parent Permission Form before attending any off-campus event. School rules will apply to any activity that is sponsored by the school or district.

Gifts/Personal Remembrances

Classes will not be interrupted for the purpose of "singing" telegrams, delivering flowers/balloons (no latex!), or gifts. Delivered items may be received in the office, and students will be notified to pick them up after school. In the event that a parent wishes to have a "telegram" delivered by a professional, there must be prior approval by the principal. These will only be considered before or after school.

Gifts to employees from parents or students are discouraged. There may, however, be times when others may find it appropriate to express their appreciation to an employee by means of a modest and tactful remembrance. Board policy recommends that letters of appreciation to employees are more appropriate than gifts.


Parents/Guardians and other adults are always welcome in the building. In order to protect the educational process, adult visitors must make prior arrangements with the teacher or office staff. All visitors must report to the office, receive a visitor’s badge, and wear the badge in a visible location for the duration of their visit. Please note that student guests are not allowed.

Health and Safety

First Aid

When a child is injured at school, a staff member who is trained in first aid may give the child emergency first aid.

Head Lice (Pediculosis)

All students, regardless of home conditions, are susceptible to head lice. When this occurs, parents and staff must work together to control it. The following outline describes the problem and procedures to be followed.

A student with a suspected case of head lice may be referred to designated trained staff for a screening. The screening will be done in a confidential manner by trained personnel. School personnel will notify the parent or guardian of a student found with head lice and provide information on appropriate treatment. The student will be allowed to remain in school.

The suggested school measures for head lice control, as provided in Head Lice Guidance published by the

Oregon Department of Education and the Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division 1 will be considered.

What to look for:

  • Head lice are very small, gray-brown colored bugs.
  • Their movement can be noted on an individual's head. However, they do not jump or fly.
  • The eggs, called nits, are laid close to the scalp on shafts of hair and can easily be differentiated from dandruff or dirt as they stick to the hair shaft and will not pull of the shaft easily until treated. Nits are whitish and look like tiny grains of rice. They are usually found behind the ears and at the base of the neck near the hairline.

We expect that families check their own kids regularly for lice or nits. Some experts believe that checking your child's head weekly is a good practice because it helps to catch outbreaks early and interrupt the life cycle.

Latex Ban (District-Wide)

The Beaverton School district has banned on any products using latex due to potential allergies. As a result, we may not have latex balloons in our building. If you plan to send balloons to school for any celebration, they must be MYLAR. For safety reasons, children may not transport balloons on the bus.

Restriction on Home-Prepared Foods

Because of the risk to students, staff and our community, the Beaverton School District does not allow home-prepared foods or non-commercially prepared foods at school or school functions (this includes PTO events).


There is a heavy emphasis at Hazeldale on time spent reading/time in text (independent, partner, oral, listening).

Homework is an integral part of the education process at Hazeldale School. Its purpose is threefold:

  1. To provide practice and reinforcement of lessons
  2. To teach, practice, and reinforce responsibility
  3. To aid in developing independent study habits
Parental Expectations and Involvement

Parent commitment to the homework process is very important. Parent-teacher conferences and telephone conferences are recommended for individual concerns regarding your child's homework. Whenever you have a question, please contact your child's teacher.

Homework Requests for Make-Up Work

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to make requests for assignments if their son/daughter has been unable to attend school due to extended illness or injury. Please keep in mind that homework requests require the special attention of the teacher. Because teachers are working directly with students within their classroom, these requests must be completed on a delayed basis. There is a minimum 24-hour turnaround time for homework requests.

Lost and Found

Items of clothing are found and many times unclaimed. Please make sure all clothing is marked with student names, particularly coats, jackets, and any outerwear. Leftover clothes will be donated to the Clothes Closet periodically. Small lost and found items that are not clothing are kept in the school office. Please ask office personnel for assistance.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is an active organization at Hazeldale School. Meetings are usually held monthly (dates are always included in the School's Newsletter). This group serves the school community. They organize volunteering in classrooms and for special events, operate a workday for special projects, fund raise to support the school and a myriad of other activities.

This group encourages you to participate. If you have questions, feel free to call the principal, secretary or any of the PTO Board members. There is a link from our school website to PTO Board Members as well as a PTO website.


Under normal conditions, students are not allowed to remain in the classrooms or hallways during recesses, lunch periods or before and after school unless they have been granted permission and have a pass from their teacher. Students are expected to go to the playground during recesses. The covered play areas are protection from bad weather.

Release of Student Information

Beaverton School District Policy had designated certain information, as directory information, which may be released for reasons, deemed sufficient. If you do NOT wish the school to release directory information about your child, please inform the school office in writing by the end of the second week of the start of the school year. Any parent who wishes more information concerning the district policy on student records should contact the school secretary for a copy of policy 5000-19 or refer to the Student Family Handbook.

Report Cards

Report cards are sent home twice a year. Please call the teacher if you have any questions about grades as well as encouraging your child to talk to his/her teachers about ways to improve. Please sign and return the envelopes to the teacher.

Technology Ethics

Students at Hazeldale Elementary School have access to electronic technology both in classrooms and in the library area. This is a privilege that carries with it important responsibilities. Students have access to this technology as part of their school experience, and the only appropriate use for any of the electronic equipment is school-related work. Please sign the form and return to verify permission for your student to use school technology.

Telephone Use

Students may use the school telephone for emergencies only. Going home with a friend after school, or staying at school for an activity must be prearranged. If parents need to get a message to a child, we will make every effort to do so. Please limit those calls to emergencies only.

Things to Leave at Home

Any item that may create a health or safety hazard or may get in the way of a student's learning should not be brought to school. Items like toys and electronics should be left at home. Students who bring unauthorized items to school will have the item confiscated until a parent picks the item up in the office.

A student should NEVER bring the following items to school:
  1. Alcohol, drugs, or drug paraphernalia and tobacco or tobacco products.
  2. Matches, lighters, bullets or other dangerous objects.
  3. Fireworks, firecrackers, exploding items, or prank items
  4. Weapons or replicas of weapons (including, but not limited to firearms, knives, metal knuckles, razors, explosives or noxious, irritating, poisonous gases or poisons).
Incidents of students possessing the above items will be reported to parents and may be reported to the police. Appropriate disciplinary and/or legal action will be taken which may include expulsion.

Tobacco/Alcohol Free Environment

Hazeldale Elementary School, in accordance with Beaverton School District policies, is a tobacco-free indoor and outdoor environment. This means that the use of tobacco and alcohol is prohibited on school property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Volunteers at Hazeldale are essential to the successful operation of the school, and create a positive learning environment for our students. Please consider volunteering in classrooms, the office, library, or becoming an Art Literacy Parent (contact the PTO for this opportunity).

In the District-wide Volunteer Management System (, all volunteers need to first complete an application and background check to create a profile in the system. Once a profile is created, volunteers will be able to update personal information, view and sign-up for open volunteer needs, and communicate directly with the school Volunteer Coordinator. Volunteers will be able to use this profile from their first volunteer activity to their last. is not linked to student information and will not follow your student to a new school. Please send an email to if you would like to add or remove a school location.

For more information, please contact Johanna Shrout at 503-356-4443 or visit the Beaverton School District Volunteer webpage.